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We scout literary deals for our partners in publishing and movie industry. We offer syndicated content for publications in magazines, dailies and online publishers.

We represent all foreign and serial rights of Our Authors (see Our Authors list).  
These include literary translations,  drama and movie adaptations and  licenses,  tv series creations and more.

We have participated in numerous publications and creations  of our prominent Authors:

•   Dorota Masłowska – worldwide rights sold for prose, drama and movie

•   Józef Hen – US, Hebrew, Spanish and French rights sold for literary translations

•   Magdalena Parys – European-wide rights sold for the EU Literary Prize awarded novel

•   Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki – multiple translations of literary prose

Established as an independent agency in 2008, Authors’ Syndicate was one of the first Polish literary agencies, focused on representing Polish writers in general literary rights, locally and worldwide.

Soon, we have broaden the range of our services into managing adaptation rights for stage, radio, tv and movies and welcomed screenwriters among our authors.

We also represent film/adaptation rights for the Publishing House Marginesy (Warsaw) and handle the rights to the works of the late Agnieszka Osiecka, poet, songwriter and writer, held by her daughter –  a President of the Okularnicy Foundation.

We have participated in the publication of more than a hundred books of different genres already; have managed rights to original tv series and book adaptations for the biggest tv stations and platforms (Canal+, HBO, TVN/ITI ) as well as for the movies. 

We handle and then take care of multiple stage adaptations of the works of our Authors, performed in Poland and abroad. 

As our authors become more prominent and their works more popular, we also operate in more commercial areas, like managing the appearances of our Authors in advertising or endorsing projects.

For the worldwide rights, we work with our co-agent located in London – Red Rock Literary Agency https://www.redrockliteraryagency.com

We used to represent biggest international news content syndicates (LATS, NYTS) as well as syndicating content from biggest newspapers (Washington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph Group Newspapers an others) for republications in Polish magazines and newspapers, and online news portals (i.e. Onet.pl).

We have independently produced a couple of audiobooks to  help promote our writers.

The full listings of the publishing/film/theatre projects are to be found under…