Józef Hen

A literary classic, 96 years old senior of Polish literature however still creative: his recent memoirs „Me, a corruptor” appeared February 2019. Already published in Germany (1970ties), US (2015) – also in Hebrew, in Italy (2020) , France and Netherlands. His evergreen essays, diaries, history-biographies and novels are being re-published constantly.

Currently published by Sonia Draga

Ahsan Ridha Hassan

A literary debut – first novel to be launched early 2020. The novel titled „A Taboo” has been highly acclaimed and got great reviews by the in-house critics of the Publishing House Marginesy. The Author is of Iraqi origins, born and raised in Poland, a  Cracow University graduate. Has been elected for the Lord Provost Literary Residence in Scotland in 2019 for his short prose, published previously in few anthologies.

Hubert Klimko- Dobrzaniecki

A writer and movie director (Film Academy in Katowice graduate), well recognized all over Europe for his Huellebecquian prose. Lives in Vienna. His novel „Solitude” (published in French by Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne last year) has been already translated into German by Andreas Volk. A full info about the book and the author is  available in German. The book will be also launched in Italy. In 2019, one of his previous novels shall appear in  Balkans and a collection of short stories in Czech Republic. 

Published by Noir sur Blanc, Warsaw

Stanisław Łubieński

The Author awarded with NIKE of the Readers award for his bird-watching essays „12 Srok za ogon” by Czarne (published in English by Saqi Books, UK in Bill Johnston’s translation: “The Birds They Sang”, watch the book trailer here. ) A very popular essayist regularly contributing to weeklies and daily papers. His next non-fiction story features the trash and garbage issues, what do we make of it, what do we make with it and what does it make to us. The book was published by Agora Publishers in June, 2020 – “The Book on Trash”.

Dorota Masłowska

The biggest name in Polish Contemporary Literature. Nominated and awarded with multiple literary and theatre prizes. Her works are being published globally: in 2019 her debut novel „Snow White and Russian Red” will be launched in China (Shanghai University Press) and her short roman „Honey, I killed the cats” will appear in the USA by Deep Vellum Publishers. In 2020, her rap-roman „Andere Leute” will be published by Rowohlt Berlin in the translation by Olaf Kuehl (also the translator of her previous works). She is currently working on a second volume of a collection of essays, the first one was titled „How To Take Over Global Control While Not Leaving Your House”. „Andere Leute” is also being adapted into a movie and has been very successfully adapted on stage by Grzegorz Jarzyna at TR Warsaw.

Her works are published by Noir sur Blanc, Warsaw and Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow

Magdalena Parys

EU Literary Prize laureate (2015) for her modern history thriller „The Magician” . The novel was published in 2018 in German version by Freiraum Publishers who are no longer operating. The rights to the translation made by Lothar Quinkelstein are available. 

Her debut novel „The Tunnel” was also published in Germany, back in 2009. She has also written a semi-autobiographical literary prose „Weisse Rika” (Znak Publishers) , a story of a family since 1940ties up to now.

A detailed info and an excerpt of this novel are available in English.

Both novels: The Tunnel and Der Magier are currently very popular in France, published by Agullo Editions. The Tunnel („188 metres sous Berlin”) was awarded with Quimper Literary Prize (2018), she has been invited to write feature pieces for several French magazines and newspapers, has been participating in multiple literary festivals in France. 

In November 2019, on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall Collapse, she was featured in a 50 min’ radio-reportage, aired by DeutschlandFunk :„Deutschpolnisheuropaisch. Die Identitaeten der Magdalena Parys”. The reportage was awarded with a German radio mastery prize.

In her third novel, a history thriller „The Prince”, we meet with few of the protagonists from Magik/Der Magier. The story is located in 2019/20 Germany. An excerpt in English is available.

The book was published  in September 2020 by Agora SA.

The Author lives in Berlin since 1980-ties.

Piotr Rogoża

An author of a debut thriller „Destroy, she said” to appear this August by Marginesy Publishers. A highly popular story on social media manipulation, with lots of twists and turns of the plot. The novel carries a strong potential for a movie adaptation and was presented on Warsaw’s Film the Book conference this April (pre-premiered). The August premiere will take place during a Cracow ConFiction Festival.

The author is already closing his second novel, „Conversion”, also to be published by Marginesy.

Jakub Żulczyk

One of the most popular Polish young novelists. Since his debut in 2008, he has written 8 novels, each of them being republished by his current publisher – Swiat Ksiazki.

His 2014 drama/thriller „Blinded by the Lights” featuring a cocaine dealer roaming Warsaw has been adapted into a series by HBO Europe (aired since October 2018) and has  been published in English by the Legend Press, UK and in French by Payot&Rivages.

Here is a link to the trailer for the show: https://vimeo.com/286525911 The show is being broadcasted worldwide on the HBOGO platforms.

His 2016 novel, „Hound hill” is being developed into another premium tv series and will be published in Russian translation  by AST, St Petersburg.

The Author is also a screenwriter and a co-creator of cult tv series „The Teach”, then „The Teach -2” , made by Canal+ Polska, in 2016-2017.

He has also written two volume Young Adult horror story/fantasy (originally published in 2010), currently re-edited and re-launched by Agora SA.

His latest  novel, „Black Sun”, published in October  2019 by Swiat Książki is a near future dystopian drama  featuring a nationalist militant as a main character.

In 2021, the UK publisher Legend Press will launch the English translation of a thriller novel „The Institute” (originally published in 2010, now re-edited by Swiat Ksiązki).